Topix Contributors
Owen Dall

Owen Dall Sotomayor

Design - Architecture - NLP - Visualization

Giovanni Bellono

Giovanni Bellono

Front-End Development

Jeffrey Lapides

Jeffrey Lapides, Ph.D.

Mathematics - Algorithms - Business Analysis

Chris Arasin

Chris Arasin

Animated Visualization - Simulation

Michelle Mascarenhas

Michelle Mascarenhas

Quality Assurance - Business Analysis

Ramon Barquin

Dr. Ramon Barquin

Knowledge Management Theory and Practice


  • Giovanni "Gianni" Bellono, programmer par excellence. Gianni has been tireless at solving innumerable coding, performance, and styling issues. His countless contributions have been crucial to the success of this site.
  • Jeffrey Lapides, for decades of friendship and endless discussions about probability theory, machine learning, and knowledge discovery in the "real world." Jeff has a special talent of finding the most salient trees in the forest.
  • Ramon Barquin, one of the founders of data warehousing and knowledge management practices, who through my 14 years with Barquin International supported many experiments with cutting-edge technologies, and provided the support for my work with Jeff Lapides on our Mathematica version of a Topic Explorer.
  • Chris Arasin, for his excellent work bulding the animated tutorial.
  • Cornell professor David Mimno for his JavaScript LDA implementation which provided the seed for this project. He has authored some of the most insightful research papers in the field, particulary in the area of digital humanities.
  • Spencer Kelly, Rob Ellis and all of the talented contributors to Natural Language Processing (NLP) in JavaScript. Spencer was very generous to add several enabling features for us in his code base.
  • Mike Bostock, Jeffrey Heer and the many other contributors over the years to the awesome D3.js data visualization ecosystem, which now includes the UW Interactive Data Lab spawning of Vega and Vega-lite and a slew of other impressive open source projects.