Topix Change Log

A searchable log of the most important Topix changes and enhancements.

Topix Change Log


Topix 1.6 includes two new features:

1. Specify a file that either contains an "Exclude List" (i.e, stop list) or an"Include List." An Exclude List is for words/items to be EXCLUDED from processing. An Include List specifies the list of words/items to be INCLUDED in processing: all other words/items will be ignored.

2. Specify a "lexicon" file to enhance the accuracy of the NLP processing or to include domain-specific vocabulary items. Place each vocabulary item on a separate line in a text file, with a tab separating the item and the part of speech tag (or special function tag). For example, the line for defining the organization "Army and Air Force Exchange Service" would look like:


Topix 1.5 includes two new useful visualizations: "Top Vocabulary Words Assigned to Topics" and "Vocabulary to Topic Mappings."


Documents related to topics are no longer shortened for display purposes, but are shown as originally loaded with highlighting of words related to the selected topic.


Topix Version 1.4 adds the ability to focus your explorations on "Quotations" and includes a new demo document collection: James Comey Statement for the Record--Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, June 8, 2017.


The Topix Change Log is now a separate page, with searchable table contents.


Upgraded to NLP Compromise.js Version 10.3.0


Topix Version 1.3 now includes two dozen NLP options for document profiling and topic modeling: 'Words - All Parts of Speech'; 'Nouns';'Verbs'; 'Adjectives';'Adverbs';'Adjectives followed by a Noun ("strong borders")';'Adverbs followed by a Verb ("just beginning")';'Values (numbers)';'Values followed by a Noun ("100 senators")';'Dates/Time Concepts';'Years'; 'People';'Places';'Organizations';'People, Places and Organizations';'Twitter Mentions ("@POTUS")';'Twitter Hashtags ("#MachineLearning")';'URLs (Links)';'Phone Numbers';'Questions','Clauses','Sentences'


Added two Donald Trump tweet collections to the demo documents available in the Explore page. The first includes all tweets in 2016. The second includes all tweets within the first 100 days in office.


Topix Version 1.2 adds a "Batch Exclude" option for the Vocabulary Catalog and the ability to drill from a word to the related documents.


Topix Release 1.1 including a "Profile Only" mode for the Explore page. This means you can skip the Topic Modeling portion, and focus on exploring the document collection and metrics before (or in place of) a topic modeling session.


New demo document collections.


Natural Language Processing (NLP) performance has been doubled.


Topic words are now highlighted in the document listings.


Phase 1 of the new Topix Network Explorer Visualization (explore documents within a topic) is now available..